The Ultimate Items List for Newbie Nursing Students


Ah, after month-long procedures, you’re finally heading towards a nursing school.

When you enroll in nursing school, you might have many questions and doubts about what you will need to buy. Of course you do! We’ve all been there.

To help you tackle pre-nursing school willies and kickstart the session off on the right foot, let’s arrange as many of your nursing student supplies in advance as possible.

If you’re not sure where to start shopping, here is our list of 13 must-have items for newbie nursing students.

The ultimate list for must have items for newbie nursing students

1. Choosing the Right Scrubs

First, you’ll want to have scrubs that look professional to your patients, colleagues and other employees.

Keep them clean! This can’t be overstated--so wash them as often as necessary and always keep at least two pairs of scrubs on hand in case of any emergency.

Make sure you choose scrubs that not only look professional but are also comfortable. Avoid tight fights and choose a loose, breathable material because you may end up working extra. Therefore, it becomes imperative to choose a scrub that fits perfectly with your body style.

2. Socks with Compression

Compression socks are a necessity that every veteran nurse understands and are another essential item that every nursing student and professional should have.

A good pair of compression socks reduces soreness, improves swelling, relieves pain and can help stave off varicose veins--which can be caused by spending too much time on your feet. Compression socks do come in varying pressures, so try testing a few and choose the one that works for you. This will certainly help you in the long run.

Being a nurse, it’s extremely important to take care of your feet properly!

3. Face Mask

Face masks are already an essential part of the nurses and other medical professionals. Surgical masks are used to prevent the passage of germs from the surgeon's nose and mouth into the patient's wound and protect the surgeon's face from sprays and splashes from the patient.

However, due to the Coronavirus outbreak, this has become essential for each of us.

4. Stethoscope

This is often the most required item that every nurse should have.

A good, quality stethoscope helps nursing students and other medical professionals to listen to the sounds of lungs, heart and other organs. It helps doctors and nurses to find out the problem that patients might have.

5. Stethoscope Case

As we know how essential the stethoscope is for nurses and other medical professionals, then it becomes significant to keep that in a safe place. That’s when a Stethoscope case comes into play.

It will not only protect your stethoscope, but it'll also keep your other important tools in place. For example hemostat, scissors, oximeter, and many more things. Have a look at the picture below for a better understanding of the context.

6. Good, Dependable Shoes

As we know, nurses have to stand on their feet for long periods of time. So, it's essentially important to have a good and comfortable pair of shoes. These can be tennis shoes, clogs, or an orthopedic shoe for low arches or flat feet. Sometimes it takes a few weeks to break them in and get comfortable wearing them.

Some nursing schools have guidelines on what kind of shoes you are allowed to wear. So, it is always better to check on this before making a purchase.

7. Nursing Bag

There is an incredible number of nursing supplies that a nurse has to carry all the time. And to manage that, it’s important to keep those supplies safe and secure. Hence, it’s critical to have a nursing bag. This type of bag could be a backpack, zipper tote, large snap tote, small duffle bag or even a rolling bag.

Most good ones have many pockets and compartments to carry your electronics, pens, hats, small articles of clothing, clipboards and other nursing resources you don’t want to leave home without.

8. Lunch Tote

Another necessary item from the list is a lunch tote. Classes and clinicals can keep you so busy, you barely have time to eat out, or grab something from the hospital cafeteria.

A large, colorful lunch tote allows you to plan your meals ahead and never go hungry. Plus, if it’s unique enough, it won’t be confused with your peers’ lunch bags and no one will eat your lunch before you do.

9. Badge Clip and Labels Pins

The nursing school requires a lot of stationery stuff, such as notepads, notebooks, pins, pens, sharpies, highlighters and more. But, with all of the stuffy, boring badge holders you are given, there are cool and customized badges that make you stand out while you are learning things. This is a missed opportunity many aspiring and practicing nurses take for granted.

There are many new types of badges that reflect more closely your individual interests, specialty interests and even non healthcare professions. Find a few that represent you and stock up on them.

10. Silicon Rings

Some hospital policies prohibit nurses and other medical professionals from wearing diamond rings or engagement rings. However, silicon rings come in many different sizes and colors. It’s a small symbolic gesture that won’t keep your fingers naked while you’re working.

11. Water Bottles

Water bottles can be literal life savers. Long days and busy days alike, can pull you far away from the nearest Starbucks or deny you your afternoon tea. So having a water bottle nearby is integral for a sharp minded, well hydrated nurse.

12. A Sturdy Clipboard

When you are new to nursing school. Then, you need to write everything that your seniors will tell you. And, for that, a clipboard is necessary to keep the notes in an organized way.

13. Nurse Waist Organizer or Fanny Pack

These colorful, vibrant and functional have made a resurgence in the last few years and have gotten more stylish and popular among younger nurses and students. They have multiple sized pockets and hidden pockets for you to carry just about everything you would need for a shift.

They hold pens, scissors, money, credit cards, tape, small notepads, cellphones and can be decorated with pins as well.

I hope this list can give you a running head start towards success in your nursing or other healthcare profession. I know when I started nursing, getting supplies and things related to learning my profession was always fun and exciting for me. With so many unique additions to the accessories market, there are so many more choices available now than when I started nursing.

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