Post Purchase Badge Reel Protection Program

Post Purchase Badge Reel Protection Program

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Ā šŸ›’ Badge Reel Protection coverageĀ MUST BE purchased at the same timeĀ asĀ your badges!! EachĀ product listingĀ covers (1) badge of your choice!!

šŸ’Æ When it comes to my badge reel, it puts in a lot of work and is a core part of everything I do at my job. It represents me and I love rocking it. BUT if one of my favorites reels breaks down, I get to make myself another one. I want to extend that sense of reassurance to you!

Because representation means a lot to me, I currently offer a 30-day (from delivery date), hassle-free reel failure replacement policy, on almost every badge reel in my store.

But if you ever find yourself on day 31 or beyond, don'tĀ get left out.

With Badge/Reel Protection, a new badge--exactly like the one(s) you have will immediately be shipped out to you, no questions asked.Ā 


What is a hassle free replacement?

A 'hassle free' replacement includes you sending pics/video of a failed/broken/improperly functioning badge and us sending a replacement badge to you. Shipping is included in the plan cost.

How many times can a badge be replaced in the 'protected' timeframe?

When you purchase the protection plan, it will coverĀ 1 'hassle free' replacement. Each additional insurance purchase covers additional badgesĀ for that specific order.

Do I have to send the broken badge back to you?

No, you only have to submit a clear photo or video clip of the failure/damage and the order number. After review and verification of plan purchase, we will happily ship out a replacement.Ā 

Do I pay for the badge to be shipped to me?

Shipping is included in the protection plan price.

What if my badge is no longer in stock?

If your badge design is sold out or special edition, you can choose another badge in the same price point. Or we will issue a 6.00 store credit coupon code.

What if my order includes standard and heavy duty badges?

If your order includes both backing types, choose the heavy duty reel option for your plan.

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