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      Some of our production partners are overseas and with the travel ban and other health restrictions due to the Coronavirus, production has been halted until Feb 26th for all of our products with them.
      ✔ For those of you with open orders, rest assured you will receive everything you ordered. 
      ✔ We have a great working relationship with all of our suppliers and production partners and the we strive to deliver affordable quality accessories to our customers.
      A public health "crisis" such as this is a delay that is really out of everyone's control at this time, and it is really about public safety above all else.
      ✔ We will be working closely with them to ensure everything is produced and shipped once production officially resumes.
      If you order the following or have an open order containing the following items, there will be a production/shipping delay for an additional 2-3 wks: Normal processing times should resume in March 2020.
      Travel Bags and all Bag types under that collection
      Luggage Covers
      Umbrellas (not marked ready to ship)
      Slim Crossbody Bags
      Clutches/ XL Clutches
      Laptop Carry Case
      Lunch Totes


      Things that are ready to ship within 2-7 business days:


      All  ID Retractable badges


      Compression Socks

      Stethoscopes / Charms


      Tote Bags

      Passport Covers

      Luggage straps


      Ready to Ship Section