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      RBZ Expressions Brand New Professional offering!

      These new design features different designs, including a cross, a gold heart surrounded by high quality rhinestones and others!

      You can grab them individually or as a set!

      Grab yourself a new stethoscope charm or grab a few! They are perfect for mix and matching and gift giving!

      Each is set in 10k alloy and decorated with either acrylic or rhinestone designs!
      The interior circumference is approximately 9.5-10mm and fit snugly around most stethoscopes!

      This listing is for one, individual stethoscope charm or if you select "Both", for both charms. These charms are precise in measurement and may not work with some larger tubing models, like the Littmann Classic III. If you have any questions, feel free to ask!

      Red RBZ Expressions Stethoscope - Reflections By Zana Red RBZ Expressions Stethoscope - Reflections By ZanaOn Sale
      $79.99 $109.00
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